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If you get embarrassed every time you drop a pad or tampon — and it will happen — or every time a dude looks through your bag for a pen and finds one of these items instead, he gets to pretend that he is ignorant and that you are yucky for one more day. And that’s a day none of us can afford. Sooner or later, he’s going to be 53, and in Congress, and saying that he just doesn’t understand why people need birth control, all because no one had the decency to sit him down and tell him to stop pretending he doesn’t know about vaginas.
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"Let it burn."

Queen of the Flame, by Rika Chan.


reminder that emotional abuse is just as real and just as inexcusable as physical abuse.

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when you think your cramps are finished but then


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I wish I lived in fictional new york, it sounds really easy to succeed there

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Why is it called a building? Isn’t it done building? Shouldn’t it be called a built



Oh you

biggest fuck you ever 


Things that don’t exist